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Concrete Construction Specialists

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Concrete Construction
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Building Construction


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Bluestone Construction (NZ) ltd - Working with our client's in partnership for over 30 years providing concrete services complete with engineering design & solutions for residential property, commercial business and industry.

Based in Wellington we specilise in concrete construction, civil contract works and landscape construction projects providing a complete range of concrete products & services to the industry.

Our service & products: building/house foundations, slabs, formed insitu concrete, concrete piles, satellite antenna foundations, tower foundations, factory floor reinstatement, machine pit installation, concrete repairs, driveways, carparks & pavements, retaining walls, disability access ramps, sub-soil drainage, timber constuction, concrete cutting, seismic strengthening, demolition/drilling & excavations; - we offer advice complete with engineering design for project works & building consent.

We can achieve exceptional results with our committed team - experienced in design & construction, backed up with sound building knowledge and trade workmanship with over 30 years experience in concrete and civil engineering construction through out New Zealand.

Bluestone's policies promote Health and Safety in the work environment and has updated and on going training programs for all construction personal.